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We've heard time and time again that "knowledge is power." Unfortunately the intended message can be deceiving. Simply having knowledge doesn't necessarily equal power, its how you gather, organize, and use knowledge that can be powerful. This is especially true for our customers that turned to Petroleum Management Services to help them to gain control of their fuel costs. Petroleum Management Service is not a Distributor or Marketer. We are a service provider that specializes in the management of purchasing bulk fuel for small, medium, large companies, and government agencies in the Southwestern United States. We offer a service that is unique to the industry. Over the last three years we have become experts as to when and when not to purchase fuel for our customers. The prices from the suppliers we use are locked in for 24 hours. This allows Petroleum Management Services to make in intelligent decision for our customers. Refer to our performance on our web site. You will see that Petroleum Management Services customer’s price is consistently below the monthly rack average.

These are the historical average prices for what Petroleum Management Service customers have been paying for their clear diesel. You can use these charts as a gauge to see how your company compares. If our prices are lower we would to like to hear from you. If our prices are higher we would still like to hear from you. We would be interested in knowing who you use as a supplier. "Our motto is that our Customers do not pay the peek for the week."


Petoleum Management Service welcomes it's newest addition to the family. California Trucking Association Group Fuel Program. The California Trucking Association (CTA) is proud to announce that agreements have been reached to create and administrate a CTA member only group fuel program. Fleet One has been selected to be the credit administrator.
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Wednesday’s national oil satistics had an air of mystery about them as the clock ticked down to 10:30 a.m. Last week’s very bearish numbers had some traders (probably the hopeful bulls) thinking “aberration” and maybe a reversal this week. Even so, the cautious consensus of the experts was still calling for counter-seasonal builds in inventory.
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Now for the economic news, if I have to. Last week’s data from the Labor Department confirmed what we all probably already knew: unemployment is worsening. The unemployment rate jumped to 7.2% (the highest in almost 16 years) on the back of another 524,000 jobs lost in December.
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